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If you are planning an event, you should consider renting inflatables like bounce houses and waterslides. The set-up is very easy as these inflatables are not difficult to assemble. At the end of the party, they are simply deflated and packed away.

Bounce House Inflatables

Large eye-catching inflatables such as these are great additions to any birthday party or event.

Your kids and their guest will love these fun bounce houses and moonwalks. There are a number of reasons why you should consider renting party rental stores offer. Here are some of them:

DFW bounce house rentals

We would love to help you with your Dallas party rental needs. You arrange the event, and we’ll bring the bounce house, water slide, obstacle course, adult bounce house, or inflatable game to turn your party, bash, carnival, function, gala, event, festival, occasion, hoedown, reunion, get together, picnic, soirée, gathering, meet-and-greet, shindig, rave, hootenany, jamboree, affair, or jubilee – into a celebration.

Planning a party can be hard work

You need to have all your bases covered to ensure a fun and enjoyable event for everyone. Organizing a kiddie party can be loads of fun if you do it right. This is why you should consider renting a bounce house for your kid’s next birthday party. These fun inflatables will help keep your guests occupied while you take of important things such as the food or the cake.

Bounce House

Obstacle Courses


Water Slides

When looking for bounce houses area for rent, there are a couple of things you should take note of

If you like having your children help you with planning, get them to choose a theme or the style. Before you look for a party needs store, consider these details:


1. How big is your backyard?

Moonwalks can be quite enormous. Find out how much space you have in your yard before you decide which bounce house to rent. You also need to plan the layout of your party. Where will you fit the chairs? Where will the game area be? Will the food be served inside your home?

2. What is your party's theme?

The theme of the party can play a role in helping you decide what type of bounce house you will have. There are different ones available, depending on the party rental store. You might want a fairy-themed bounce house, or a monster-themed one. There are also character themes available for those who have very specific preferences.

3. What style would your child prefer?

Bounce houses come in all types of shapes and sizes. There are the regular house-shaped ones, obstacle courses, ones with slides, etc. Take a look at your options and see if the style you want is available. If you can’t pick, you might want to get a combination one. There are also inflatable water slides for parties during the summer.

We are known for clean, on time delivery of bounce houses and fun food machines

DFW Bounce houses

Call today and book a party for your child, or all of your children! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and God parents can bring the fun to the family party for all of the kids in the family!